Meet the team!

Meet the Anacode team!

Al Wegener

CEO, Founder

Al Wegener is the founder and CEO of Anacode. Al is a serial entrepreneur with 25+ years of real-time embedded software design and digital signal processing (DSP) experience. Al loves to invent, implement, and optimize new algorithms of all sorts, especially for compression. From 2006 to 2013 Al was the founder and CTO of Samplify, which raised $23M in two rounds trying to bring lossy compression to high-speed DSP systems that had never used compression before to reduce bandwidth and storage bottlenecks. Samplify’s patents, many of which had Al’s name on them, are now owned by Intel (via Intel’s acquisition of Altera, the FPGA company).

David Kordsmeier

Cloud Software Developer

David is Anacode’s Cloud software developer. David has many years of experience as a software consultant for a variety of companies and applications. David also helps specify, develop, and maintain Anacode’s web site.

Steve Leibson


Steve is Anacode’s communication advisor and technology historian. With an interesting mix of technology editing, microprocessor architecture, and programmable systems knowledge, Steve helps tell Anacode’s novel stories more effectively.

Adam Wegener

Project Manager

Adam is a Bay Area serial entrepreneur and consultant with more than 30 consumer products launched over the past 10 years. Adam has end-to-end startup experience and serves as a project manager for Anacode. Adam oversees the website, customer journey and marketing needs including user experience design, graphic and web design, business cards, fonts, colors and more.

Mark Haynes

Patent Counsel

Mark Haynes is Anacode’s patent counsel and was Samplify’s patent counsel. Mark and Al have known each other through 25+ years of patent work. Mark is an avid and experienced surfer. Mark and Al hike regularly in various Santa Cruz County parks.

Barry Carr

General Counsel

Barry is a founding partner of Menlo Park, California's Carr & Ferrell LLP, one of Silicon Valley's top technology law firms, and co-chairman of the Corporate & Securities Practice Group.

James Pooley

Trade Secrets

James Pooley is one of the world’s foremost experts in trade secret law and management. His legal treatise, “Trade Secrets,” is the leading lawyer’s desk reference on the subject.

Give Anacode a try now!

Give Anacode a try now!